We are happy to announce to events that happened during Social Inclusion Days which held by ESN Gazi.

Time for Social Inclusıon Days are now over and that means it's perfect time to summarize what we done in that period. 

For this semester we distrubuted brochures about disabilities for awareness with our exchange students and tried to explain their needs. 

We visited Ç'engel Cafe with our students. The special thing about this cafe is, run by people who have down syndrome. We tried to empathize with them. Also we tried to eat while we were blindfolded in order to emphathize people who has visual disability

We ran altogether while holding info boards that include raising awareness about human rights, discrimination, poverty, women rights and many other things.

We gathered in our main campus and cleaned the campus altogether.

For the last event we organized a football match between ESNers and exchange students and tried to understand the importance of health&well-being.